Ruby Projects

Those projects helped me learn a lot about Ruby. There are many but I will mention only a few of them here. Unfortunately they aren't embedded, thus they must be run in the console.

twitter api screenshot


An application that intereacts with the diabolic Twitter API. It asks for a Twitter user name and shows the latest tweets mentioning that user.

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knight's travails screenshot

Knight’s Travails

An application that shows the simplest possible way to get from one square of a chessboard to another while moving like the Knight piece in the game of Chess

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mastermind screenshot


A Mastermind game from the command line where you have 12 turns to guess the secret code. It can also play itself.

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tic tac toe screenshot

Tic Tac Toe

A tic-tac-toe game on the command line where two human players can play against each other and the board is displayed in between turns.

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twitter_spambot screenshot

Twitter Spambot

A client that interacts with the Twitter messaging service. Mimics functionality found through the web interface as well as performs many new tasks.

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